Jonathan C. Mitchell

About Me

I'm a Master of Computer Science student at UCLA, advised by Prof. Song-Chun Zhu, with a focus in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

I was previously a Computer Vision Engineer at where I worked extensively on human pose estimation, instance segmentation, and gesture recognition by training neural networks to perform these tasks.

My research interests are in 3D reconstruction, pose estimation, and instance segmentation, as well as in cognition, causality, and parallel computing. In my spare time I enjoy lifting weights, playing video games, fishing, and building computers.

I recently implemented MobileNetV2 from this research paper and it has been accepted as the official MobileNetV2 implementation for Keras

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Speed estimation from a dashboard cam

Neural network dashboard cam speed estimator for autonomous vehicles trained on 8616 images extracted from a video

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Behavioral Cloning

Trained a model to simulate a self-driving car by predicting steering angles while driving in a unity simulation

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Game Review API open source

A restful API that allows users to search through 18k game reviews and query for top scores by genre, platform, title etc

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Extra / Fun stuff